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Peter Krikstolaitis


Peter is an experienced senior leader in education, training, career and skills development, with experience spanning Australia, Oceania, Asia, Europe and North America. This has included both the private and public sectors in schools, vocational and higher education, universities and global career management, as well as managing and partnering in his own businesses in China, India and Australia. 

He is currently Executive Director of Kudosity, a company that specialises in the provision of education services focussed on the international education sector with the focus primarily on delivering transnational education programs in the south Asian region. He is also the co-founder of International Student Solutions and Career Central Job Readiness Programs.

He was previously the CEO of Swinburne College, a division of Swinburne University; and member of the Swinburne senior executive team; the General Manager of Careers & Learning for the Navitas group, and spent 12 months as the European Manager for Navitas Professional. He held a senior roles with Monash College, worked with ACT Inc in the USA as their international advisor and the Convenor of IEAA (International Education Association of Australia) SIG Group for Pathways.

Peter is also experienced in school education, where he was the Principal CEO in an international school and was the Chair of the Heads of IB Schools in the Asia-Pacific.

Peter is known for education innovation, including the creation of the Global Assessment Certificate (a universal foundation program) and the Professional Year Program for international students in Australia).

He was as early participant in international education, with a focus on offshore relationship development and management. He has been an education professional throughout his career, including time as Principal in the international school sector.

Peter has a further range of business interests which specialise in the implementation of transnational education facilities. He has opened numerous TNE operations across Sri Lanka, China, Mexico, South Korea, Vietnam and Australia. He is a Board member (and Chair) of education providers in Australia, and has direct connections with multiple education providers across the globe.

His current work includes further developing the Career Central job readiness platform, and establishing a Centre of Excellence for UTS College in Bangladesh.

Peter has lived in Australia, USA, China, United Kingdom, India and Fiji. He is an Australian citizen and currently living in Australia.

Peter holds an M.Ed, Grad Cert Law, Grad Dip Education and B.A. He is a 1994 NEiTA (National Excellence in Teaching Award) recipient.

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David Bycroft


David Bycroft is a successful business developer and has worked in the international education industry globally for over 20 years. He is a specialist in building businesses and opening doors for new opportunities.

In Australia he has been acknowledged as the leader in the development of compliance and new service standards for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). David was the lead Strategist for Allianz Global Assistance to become the number one OSHC provider in Australia (2002 to 2007).

In more recent times, David worked with Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP) head office (Paris) to help them grow Allianz insurance sales relating to the international education industry through quality partnering and brand associations.

The Australian Homestay Network (AHN) was founded by David in 2007 and created acceptable guidelines and standards for Homestay in Australia – AHN has now placed almost 72,000 international students into successful homestay.

In 2011 David was appointed by the New South Wales (NSW) Government to be a member of the NSW Government Taskforce on International Education and Research.

In 2012 David established the Community Placement Network providing hosted accommodation for asylum seekers transferring from detention centres. David worked with Department of Immigration on this initiative.

The Council of International Students of Australia presented David with a ‘Remarkable Achievement Award’ in 2013 for his ‘outstanding contribution to international students in Australia’.

In 2015 David formed global group ‘MyStay International’ (MSI) to develop and manage international student businesses around the World.

In 2017, 2018 and 2020, MyStay International was a Finalist in the globally prestigious PIE News ‘International Student Accommodation Provider of the Year’.

In 2018 David capitalized the MyStay International Group through a Share Purchase and Partnering Agreement with AmeriStudent at a core MSI valuation of $10M. AmeriStudent has strong USA and China connections relative to industry.

David is now working to bring new projects to business partners in the post COVID era including:

International Student Solutions – Bringing Job Ready online low-cost opportunities for Education Providers and Agents to offer to their network of students.

Student Room Stay International – as a Founding Director – this USA based company is becoming the USA leading properly managed standards-based international student accommodation portal.

MyStay ENGLISH – a new opportunity for the international student learning English to be supported by a specially trained Homestay Host mentor with both homework/revision support as well as assistance with everyday conversational English.

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