How It Works

Career Central is an on-line platform that is powered by New Skills Academy which is part of the UK based Be-a Education Group. Programs are certified via the  CPD Certification Service, based in the UK and internationally recognised.


  • ISS only partners in B2B relationships – it does not sell directly to students or compete with directly Partners
  • ISS provides the Partner with a net price per student, with the Partner able to:
    • Add a margin to sell to students OR
    • Include it as part of the services it offers to students
  • The net price provided is remarkably affordable. Our Partners are amazed at the fee per student we can offer:
    • Courses are offered as Packages (not individually)
    • There is a 50% discount where the bundle is purchased
    • Packages are quoted based on your plan and anticipated volume as we partner with you to help ensure the success of the project

There are two ways to work with us:

  1. White Label Solution
  • Your brand is used on the site
  • You manage the student information and data entry
  • You manage the Package allocation, and then students manage their own course selections
  • You control the ongoing messages to students in your brand
  • Your brand appears on the certification
  • You have exclusive access to student data on usage, popular courses, course completions and student progress
  • You can plan automatic reminders, updates
  • You can modify the packages to tailor to your needs

White Label Advantages:

  • Promotes your brand to students
  • Gives you student data access
  • Allows you to control the student communication plan
  • Promotes your brand to employers through the branded certificates
  • Provides a competitive advantage

The amount of work to manage the system is low and minimal training is needed.

2. Standard Label Solution

  • You will operate under the Career Central brand
  • Your students are kept separate from other students in the database
  • We manage the student information and data entry and Package Allocation to students, who then self-manage their selections
  • We control the ongoing messages to students in our brand
  • The brand on the certification is Career Central
  • We can provide you information on your student data such as usage, popular courses, completions and student progress. Your student data is not made available to any third parties.
  • We plan automatic reminders, updates and communications

For more detailed information, the Partner Information Booklet is available here: Career Central Partner Information Booklet 2023

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