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The preparation of students for their careers whilst undertaking their studies is a focus for institutions. Providing effective Job Readiness programs that are inexpensive, easily delivered, provide certified outcomes and complement student studies is a challenge for education institutions.

Career Central is able to provide the job readiness in a manner that:

  • Is cost effective
  • Easily managed and accessed for both the institution and student
  • Provides international certification
  • Complements student study

There have been over 800,000 users of the training through our content provider, New Skills Academy part of the Be-a Education. Group. ISS works exclusively in the education sector to provide courses for career development and job readiness.

For institutions, Career Central can offer:

  • Tailored solutions for the institution’s needs
  • White Label opportunity which include the institution logo on the student certification
  • Highly affordable and cost-effective programs
  • Self-managed or managed services options
  • A platform that is easy to use and manage
  • Institutions can access data on student activity (all covered under strict privacy policies)
  • 24/7 support

There are many benefits for institutions, the core being:

  • Improved Student Retention, including commencement levels through early learning engagement
  • Student Satisfaction through the value added in job readiness preparation
  • Industry Engagement through having improved job skills engagement
  • Education Agent engagement as an institution of choice through an improved student offering
  • An added revenue stream and/or
  • Marketing advantage
  • Demonstrate that it meets government expectations on student job readiness skills and employment outcomes

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