For Education Agents

The preparation of students for their careers whilst undertaking their studies is a focus for both students and institutions. Providing effective Job Readiness programs that are inexpensive, easily delivered, provide certified outcomes and complement student studies is a challenge.

As a values education agent, you will be able to demonstrate to both institutions and students that you understand this need and enhance your reputation and engagement.

Career Central is able to provide the job readiness in a manner that:

  • Is cost effective
  • Easily managed and accessed
  • Provides international certification
  • Increases student engagement with you as the Education Agent

There have been over 800,000 users of the training through our content provider, New Skills Academy part of the Be-a Education. Group. ISS works exclusively in the education sector to provide courses for career development and job readiness.

For education agents, Career Central can offer:

  • White Label opportunity which includes the agent logo on the student certification
  • Highly affordable and cost-effective programs
  • Self-managed or managed services options
  • A platform that is easy to use and manage
  • Agents can access data on student activity (all covered under strict privacy policies)
  • 24/7 support

There are many benefits for agents, some of which are:

  • Attract new students and candidates
  • Retain existing students
  • New revenue stream – both from students, but to also engage businesses and education institutions in-country
  • Competitive advantage for both attracting students and for engaging overseas institutions
  • Ongoing engagement with student once overseas means keeping connected and further opportunities with them in their study plans
  • Flexible models to meet needs of each Agent.

Your students will also benefit through:

  • Improved career skills leading to a better career
  • A competitive advantage in job readiness over other candidates
  • Better job opportunities – both during study and post-study
  • Flexible study options
  • Ability to study from home
  • Gain certifications before departing for international study
  • Improved resume (CV)
  • Immediate certificates that are e-verifiable
  • Better preparation for further studies

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